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Every year, children young and old take one day to celebrate the men who raised them, be it a biological dad, a step-dad, an adopted dad, or a man who is considered to be a father figure.

Father's Day is one day out of 365 filled with showing appreciation for the countless hours influential men have spent celebrating their child's success and supporting them when things got tough.

No celebration is complete without a card and sometimes Hallmark just doesn't capture what you really want to say. Fortunately, we've created a few less traditional options based on feminist website Jezebel's tweets about the day.

The card for the child (probably the middle one) who should really consider talking to someone about their pent-up emotions.

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If Father's Day means knocking dad down a few pegs and reminding him of who your favorite parent really is, then this card's for you!

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Seriously, you don't want to boost his ego too much, even if it's only one day.

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Jezebel did honor one father's relationship with his son:

So, keep in mind Fathers Day is a great time to let dad know that there are fathers worth emulating, even if it isn't him.


It's also a day to remind your dad that he only gets 24 hours dedicated to himself, while President Donald Trump gets the entire year.

If none of these cards are up your alley or you actually want to make your dad feel special on Father's Day, acrostic poems are timeless ... and yes, adult children can make them, too. My condolences if your dad has an “x” in his name.

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