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Former French First Lady Carla Bruni (married to Nicolas Sarkozy) may have spent some time at the forefront of national politics in France, but she much prefers her civilian life.

The Italian-born (French-raised) singer and model told Billboard magazine, as she prepared for the release of her fifth album, that she had been intentionally refraining from making political comments.

But her unwillingness to comment on politics, other than to wish both American President Donald Trump and new French President Emmanuel Macron “good luck,” did not extend so far as to prevent her from taking a snarky swipe at American First Lady Melania Trump.

When the Daily Beast asked her about a nude photo she took that leaked to the public in much the same way as Melania's photos did, Bruni explained:

"It was very different because I had quite a bit of fame from my modeling and my first album. So when I married [Sarkozy], they went rahhhhh. They just went crazy.

And I'm from France and Italy, so to me, making artistic naked pictures wasn't a problem. I was not ashamed at all. And the picture was from when I was 20 years old, before I had children, so I thought, 'Well, I look good.'

Plus, I don't have that overly sexy body. I've always been very thin and sort of teenage-looking, so my nude pictures were never Playboy-ish. They were more artistic nudes made by great photographers."

Bruni also added that she does not miss the spotlight — the political spotlight, that is: “When someone is a president, people want to kill him. He's in danger. At first I thought, 'Oh, this is so funny,' and after a few years you think, 'Oh no, this is actually scary. Oh, my God.' Plus, I'm very much a free person so I like to go out, buy things, be free and not be surrounded by cops.”

While Melania may not take kindly to the commentary regarding her own nude photos, she is likely to appreciate the sentiment about her own husband's safety.

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