Barron Trump has endured his fair share of abuse since Donald Trump entered office in January.

Thankfully, the 11-year-old seems unfazed by the drama.

Last week, Barron emerged from Air Force One wearing a shirt that said “The Expert” and playing with America's most popular toy, a fidget spinner.

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The J. Crew shirt sold out hours later, making Barron a fashion icon.

Returning from Camp David this weekend, Barron again proved to the internet that he is just an 11-year-old boy who is taking this all this in stride. Departing Marine One, Barron swung around to behold the Marine sentinel guarding him and his mom and dad.

Overwhelmed with curiosity, Barron whipped out his red iPhone and snapped a photo of the saluting Marine standing guard. The move, which every kid on earth can relate to, demonstrates that Barron looks at our badass military as Instagram-worthy.

Watch Barron's smooth move here:


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Wide shot:


Now check and see how it turned out.

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We checked, and unlike other times when Barron was just being a kid, the internet generally delighted in his curiosity:


Although we don't know where Barron might post the picture, since he does not have any verified media accounts yet, we're glad to see that Barron is just being a kid. Hopefully, people are learning that Barron should be allowed to grow up in peace.

Update: This article previously included a tweet from @Ten_GOP, an account which has since been suspended. The tweet has since been removed.

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