When former FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress, many on the left were salivating over the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Comey would hand them the information they needed in order to finally move forward with either the Russia investigation or a brand new investigation into possible obstruction of justice.

And while some said that — especially in light of Comey's testimony — such investigations might be warranted, Fox News commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano had other ideas.

Napolitano suggested that Comey's words had raised questions that could only be answered by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch:

"I think we should hear from [Loretta Lynch], I think she has a lot of explaining to do.

Why did she meet with Bill Clinton while Bill himself — Bill and Hillary — were subjects of a criminal investigation? Why did she instruct the head of the FBI to use terminology that the Clinton campaign wanted them to use?"

Napolitano explained that Comey's testimony, rather than setting up a case against President Trump (for anything), laid out a clear indictment of Lynch's actions while in office:

“Jim Comey laid out a case for 'misconduct in office' for Loretta Lynch.”

Judge Napolitano said that he believed Lynch would be investigated by the Senate Judiciary Committee — but that her actions warranted additional probing by the FBI and the DOJ as well:

“Did their former boss use the DOJ for political purposes? Did she tailor law enforcement decisions to help the Obama White House and Mrs. Clinton's campaign?”

Senate Republicans have indicated that they intend to investigate Lynch, but the Justice Department has not made a move yet to do so as well.

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