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Washington has changed the Pence family.

The Indiana natives, Mike, his wife Karen, and their daughter, have traditionally been a cat family. When the Pences moved into the vice presidential residence, they moved with two cats, Oreo and Pickle.

Earlier this year, the Pences announced a departure from feline pets, introducing the world to their bunny, Marlon Bundo. Bundo's fame skyrocketed, and the rabbit has its own Instagram account.


Earlier this month, tragedy struck. Oreo passed away, leaving a hole in the Pence family pet zeitgeist.



However, being true-blooded real Americans, the Pences were not about to let the loss of a cat stop them from having animal companionship. In fact, they were going to trade up in the pet department and replace that cat with a dog.

On Father's Day, the vice president was surprised by his family with an Australian Shepherd puppy. Since science has proven that dogs are better than cats, the move is clearly a good one. Bravo, Pence family!

A better choice for America.


Special. Wow.

The internet rejoiced in the move:

Of course, there is no such thing as a truly happy ending. The Pence family did indeed adopt another cat named Hazel.

Although, this Pence family pet photo is improved greatly with a dog. Most of America agrees.


All of us at Independent Journal Review wish Harley and Hazel a happy Washington D.C. homecoming.

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