School Administration Receives Shocking Twist From HS Valedictorian When He Starts Bashing Them During Speech

| JUN 20, 2017 | 7:03 PM

To become a class's valedictorian, you have to be the best, the creme de la creme, the model student.

Not only do your grades have to be stellar throughout your entire high school career, but often these elite students are in a number of extracurricular activities — ranging from the debate team, chess club, tennis, and, student government.

Just take valedictorian and Villanova-bound Peter Butera from Pennsylvania.

During his graduation speech, Butera took center stage, where he stood in front of his fellow graduates, faculty, and parents, and thanked his classmates for electing him class president for all four years of his high school career, according to BroBible.

While most would speculate Butera's on-stage performance would turn into a quintessential valedictorian speech, from a seemingly quintessential valedictorian, things took a drastic turn.

Rather than going into how amazing his teachers had been and how much they helped to shape the students, Butera stated the opposite, calling out the school staff for failing to help students “truly develop as leaders.”

Right after the comment, someone cut Butera's mic, while a member of the school faculty tried to escort him off stage.

It was then that parents began to get angry, shouting:

“Let him speak! Let him speak!”

While Butera was unable to continue his speech, his fellow classmates got the point and he walked off the stage with a standing ovation from his peers.

Not a bad way to go out.