Sen. Chuck Schemer (D-NY) said on Sunday that critics of his party have a point when they ask, “What the heck do Democrats stand for?”

During an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” Schumer agreed Democrats have focused too much on being against President Donald Trump and not enough on laying out a bold vision for America.

“Here’s the number one lesson from GA-6: Democrats need a strong, bold, sharp-edged, and common sense economic agenda,” Schumer said. “Policy, platform, message that appeal to the middle class, that resonate with the middle class, and unite Democrats.”

He later admitted Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) was right in asking what Democrats actually stand for.


“When you lose an election, you don’t blame other people, you blame yourself,” Schumer added.

When asked if he agrees with other Democrats who are calling for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to go, Schumer said he thinks Democrats can turn the ship around with bold economic policies.

Ryan recently told “Morning Joe” that Democrats need new leadership, saying it would be “very hard” to win with Pelosi in charge:

“I think it will be very hard, Sam. I just — you know, we can do it because it's Donald Trump, but I mean, you think, what if it was John Kasich? What if it was Marco Rubio? I mean, we would be in real trouble right now as a party, and we can't forget that fact."

It seems the Democrats are looking to switch up their strategy after a tough losing streak to President Trump and Republicans.

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