Frank McAlister was expecting an exciting day with his son, Ted, at Fanboy Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee.

But for Ted, who has epilepsy, the event quickly became a bit more exciting than anyone had planned. As he stepped up to the table to meet Lou Ferrigno, the original “Incredible Hulk,” his words began to sound garbled.

He was having a seizure — and his father knew exactly what to do. He shared his story via Facebook:

McAlister's caption reads:

Today I had the opportunity to take Ted to the FanBoy Expo in Knoxville where he was able to meet several of the voices of numerous characters from the animated world that he grew up watching.

He also had the opportunity to meet Lou Ferrigno. After this photo was taken Ted stood and was talking to Lou and I was outside the rail waiting. Mr. Ferrigno touched me on the shoulder and said that Ted was trying to tell him something that he couldn't understand.

I turned and knew immediately that Ted was having a seizure and I told Mr. Ferrigno what the problem was and I needed to get to him. He cleared his booth and I gently sat Ted on the floor.

Mr. Ferrigno called for the medics which responded immediately but the whole time The Incredible Hulk made sure that I had everything that I needed. When Ted started to come around and started to get up the Big Man reached down his hand and assisted me as Ted stood. I took Ted to the restroom along with an EMT.

Mr. Ferrigno came and insisted that I bring Ted back after he recovered for another picture. Talk about a real life Action Hero! This man is the real deal. It was an absolute honor to shake his hand and a greater honor to say Thank You to a gentle Giant. I pray that God will bless this man and keep him safe and out of harms way. Thanks for a wonderful memory.

Ferrigno — who is a reserve sheriff's deputy both in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo, California — said he was just glad it had happened by his table, where he could help, and not somewhere that Ted had been alone.

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