Martha Bosquez and her niece, Paige, were eating dinner at Luby’s restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, when Paige noticed a table full of police officers.

Paige approached the officers' table and asked a very important question, “may I pray for you to be safe & so that God may take care of y’all?” The officers bowed their heads and joined the little girl in prayer. Bozquez captured a photo of the moment and posted it to Facebook:

She added that when they finished their meal, one of the officers paid a visit to Bozquez's table to say thank you for the prayer.

While it's always heartwarming to see people praying for each other's safety — especially if the person doing the praying is a child — her compassionate act couldn't have been more timely.

On June 29, San Antonio Police Officers Miguel Moreno and Julio Cavazos were patrolling an area when they noticed a car that they suspected had been broken into. After stopping two individuals to ask them the questions, one of them opened fire. NBC affiliate KXAN reported Moreno was shot in the head.

Both officers sustained injuries from the shootout and were taken to the hospital. However, early the next morning, Moreno was pronounced dead.

Police Chief William McManus told KXAN that the officers acted in exactly the right manner when they approached the individuals and added, “I think the lesson learned in some cases, is that there is no lesson to be learned, except the reminder of how dangerous the job could be.”

His funeral was held two days after Bozquez posted the inspiring photo, which has been shared over 3,000 times, to Facebook.

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