NYPD Blasts Mayor De Blasio's Lack of Leadership After Germany Stunt

| JUL 11, 2017 | 3:00 PM

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has found himself in hot water after attending to some international business in Germany. And no, he was not meeting with world leaders at G-20 Summit next to President Trump — he was meeting with the opposition.

According to The New York Times, de Blasio joined protest events in Hamburg, particularly to serve as the keynote speaker for the “Hamburg Shows Attitude” event.

His decision has caused outrage, particularly among the New York Police Department because he left just a day after police officer Miosotis Familia was murdered in an assassination-style killing. Not only that, he wasn't present for the swearing-in of more than 500 new NYPD officers.

Now the police are hitting back at de Blasio, who seems to value his own political future over protecting the people of his city.

According to the New York Post, NYPD sergeants union president Ed Mullins blasted de Blasio's leadership on a morning talk show:

“We’re not seeing any kind of leadership that comes out and explains … that the police are not your enemy; the police are not killing African-Americans.”

New York City is right now mourning the loss of a police officer who was dedicated to the city of New York, and we have our mayor who has just gone to Germany to join protesters. Is this the type of city we want to live in?"

Yana Paskova/Getty Images

He continued, saying that de Blasio missed an opportunity to clear the air after such a terrible incident:

“[Police] assassinations are very difficult to stop but what we can do to make a difference is kill the atmosphere that has been created across this country and in the city of New York. We have a very anti-police atmosphere that is based on inaccurate facts and lies.”

With the next mayoral race takes place on November 7, some of his opponents have taken the opportunity to strike. Presumptive Republican challenger Nicole Malliotakis wrote:

“Unbelievable. Instead of jet-setting around the world, he should be here doing his job. A police officer was murdered, street homelessness has skyrocketed and people continue to get delayed on the trains.”

Since returning to New York from his overseas trip, de Blasio has visited the family of Officer Familia and the World Changers Church in the Bronx where the funeral will take place.