If you've never been to traffic court before, here's the deal: it's boring, it takes hours to pay a simple fine, and you often have to take off work to sit on an uncomfortable bench waiting for your turn.

No lessons are really learned and life goes on. But one judge has been trying to change that for years.

Judge Frank Caprio, who has ruled on Rhode Island’s Providence Municipal Court since 1985, tries to make a connection with his community rather than rule with an iron fist.

According to USA Today, he often asks the children of defendants to join him on the bench in order to ask them questions and give them advice.


But this time, he did something a little different. One father showed up to court to answer to a traffic violation — but Judge Caprio decided that the defendant's son Jacob should make the big decision.

“I have three choices. I can fine him $90, I can charge him $30, or I can charge him nothing. What do you think I should do?”

Watch the video above to see his adorable and hilarious answer.

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