Ted Cruz noticed a glaringly biased tweet from CNN Thursday — and he let everybody know about it.

After CNN tweeted a report about his health care amendment with the caption “Ted Cruz's so-called Consumer Freedom amendment to be included in new health care plan,” the Texas senator pointed out they weren't using the derogatory “so-called” to describe Democratic health care bills.

“Weird ... my search for tweets from CNN mentioning the 'so-called Affordable Care Act' turned up no results,” he tweeted, linking to a search page on Twitter to prove it.

“Cruz's so-called Consumer Freedom amendment is considered contentious among Republican senators with some moderates having raised concerns that it could hurt those with pre-existing conditions,” the CNN article says about Cruz's amendment.

Indeed, the same bias is evident in CNN's previous reporting on the health care bills, heavily favoring the ACA over Republican amendments.

“The Republican plans will offer instead tax credits based on a person's age. And this could be a really big problem ...” says CNN's Tami Luhby in an analysis called “How the Republican bill would change Obamacare.”

CNN also published a report that claims government-mandated health insurance is necessary in order to pull in healthy people who wouldn't buy health insurance otherwise.

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