CNN Claims Trump Would Have Sold Uranium to Russia When Confronted With Clinton's Uranium One Controversy

| JUL 14, 2017 | 5:30 PM

CNN co-host Alisyn Camerota made a startling accusation against President Trump in a hypothetical situation.

While Jason Miller, senior communications adviser for the Trump campaign, was on CNN's “New Day,” he brought up the Uranium One deal and how Secretary Clinton, according to Miller, was “very much involved.”

Camerota responded by saying Trump would've done the same thing:

Miller: What we did know at the time is that Secretary Clinton had been very much involved with the Russians, as we talk about the Uranium One deal, which was very scandalous and maybe there was —

Camerota: We keep hearing that talking point. We understand that you guys keep bringing that up.

Miller: So you don't think the Uranium One deal was a big deal?

— —

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— —

Camerota: And you don't think President Trump would have approved the Uranium One deal, the person who doesn't want — we hear that his administration doesn't want Congress to keep sanctions on Russia?

Miller: But .. but ... you're not answering my question. I mean, do you not think the Uranium One deal was problematic, to go and give that much control of the world's uranium supply to the Russians?

CNN Political Contributor Hillary Rosen stepped in to say Clinton was very outspoken about Russia and the threat they posed. She also pointed to the recent release of Donald Trump Jr.'s emails showing a meeting with Russian-connected people.

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