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Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Regardless of what you think about Ann Coulter (she's awesome), there are levels of hell one simply does not subject a fellow human to. Even if she's conservative.

Namely, friends don't let friends fly Delta.

Forget American Scarelines. Delta, through double charges, “indifferent and unhelpful” agents, and general chicanery, has earned the industry reputation of being the slumlords of the airline world.

Based on the 1900 (and counting) customer complaints, Delta appears to treat routine flights like hostage situations — except the flight attendants aren't going to do anything merciful like shoot you before the dreadful in-flight movie, they'll just cram you into a space about the size of a cardboard box for five hours.

Delta, by reputation, might as well be the airline equivalent of a malevolent wizard waving his magic staff and making an especially bad city block go airborne.

You watch your ass, you know what I'm sayin'?

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Ann Coulter has now found out the hard way that “one simply does not book an extra room seat on Delta.”

Allow her to explain — with pictures!

There was the always reassuring “I don't know” why I am going to make your flight hell, but I'm just following orders routine. Der Furher would be proud.

Then there were these looks.

This one is the best.

Screenshot: Twitter/@AnnCoulter

It screams, 'yes I know you're a famous conservative author, now sit down, shut up and learn your new place in the Delta caste system.'

Then there was “the runaround,” a familiar ritual for all Delta passengers.

Then there's the wifi. Oh god, the wifi.

JetBlue get some kudos. Of course, it's not Delta or AA.

She wasn't gonna let it go.


Remember, Ann's got pics and can prove it.

Of course, there was the usual gaggle of hypocritical snowflakes who would argue with Coulter even if she railed against Coldplay.

The truth comes out.

As always, then came the voice of reason.

It's time that the American people put their political differences aside and unite on at least one opinion. As Ann Coulter famously put it: “Delta sucks.”

Update: A captain for Delta Airlines responded with information that J.D. Power's North American Airlines Study in 2017 shows that Delta Airlines has improved in recent years, leaping to the second-best major U.S. airline behind Alaska Airlines.

Updated 6:30 p.m. 7/16/2017

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