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A 14-year-old girl was electrocuted to death while using her cellphone in the bathtub. Moments before her death, the girl apparently snapped one final photo and texted it to a friend.

Lovington Police Department

The girl's parents gave the Lovington Police Department in New Mexico permission to release their daughter's final photo in order to raise awareness about the dangers of using a cellphone while taking a bath.

Some assumed that the victim, Madison Coe, dropped her phone in the bathtub, but police revealed that the girl's phone was never submerged in the water. She was reportedly electrocuted when she touched a frayed portion of the extension cord that she had plugged into the wall.


KCBD-TV has more details on the results of the investigation:

Madison Coe, 14, was at her father's house in Lovington, NM on July 9th when she plugged her cell phone into an extension cord while taking a bath. The report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Lovington Police Department says she plugged her cell phone into an extension cord, which was plugged into a non-GFCI, non-grounded bathroom wall outlet.

The report goes on to say the phone was never immersed in water.

Officials say Coe took precautions to keep the connection of the cords dry, it is believed she was not aware of a significant area of fraying to the extension cord. Evidence shows she touched the frayed extension cord while she was in the bathtub, which had water in it.

A memorial service was held for Madison on Saturday in Lubbock, Texas, which was followed by a balloon and candlelight vigil.

A GoFundMe memorial fund for Madison raised nearly $13,000 as of Sunday.

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