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Not only will we know what former FBI Director James Comey really thinks about President Trump, he will probably become very wealthy telling us.

According to Yahoo! News, an impressive bidding war will soon be waged by publishers for the rights to Comey's book about his tenure at the FBI:

James Comey, the FBI director fired by Donald Trump as he investigated Trump campaign ties to Russia, is writing a book about his career and its tumultuous conclusion.

The assiduous note taker has already proved himself an annoyance to the White House, leaking a memo to the press about how the president asked him to drop one aspect of his probe, fuelling allegations of obstruction of justice.

As a result his agents have stoked intense interest in his book proposal which is expected to be the subject of a big money auction in the New York this week.

Literary circles are abuzz with speculation Mr Comey could command an eight-figure advance for his memoirs.

We should all be so lucky after getting fired.

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One wonders just what juicy stuff Comey has left to tell. He has, after all, testified before Congress quite a bit — both about Hillary Clinton and President Trump.

No shrinking violet when it comes to the media or self promotion, Comey has been adept at getting his side of the story out there when it served his purposes. If he is harboring some juicy tell-all stuff, it would be surprising.

What is unusual in this situation is that his market could be both pro-Trump and anti-Trump people.

The anti-Trump people obviously want him to spill the beans about whatever happened between him and the president before he was fired.

The pro-Trump people are craving more details about Comey's investigation into the thoroughly corrupt Mrs. Clinton and how he managed to find fault without finding fault with her home-brew server that had information which would get most people thrown in jail.

If Comey pens an honest account of everything, it may very well be worth however many millions they throw at him.


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