Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio Getting Blamed for NYC Subway Nightmare

| JUL 17, 2017 | 4:49 PM



If you weren't aware, the New York City Subway has become an absolute nightmare lately — and angry commuters want answers.

Between derailments, blackouts, fires, and repairs on Penn Station, New Yorkers have dubbed this the “summer of hell” — and they are turning to social media to make that known:

All summer, commuters have been using social media to share their stories from the “summer of hell” and many are puzzled why the mayor or governor haven't stepped in yet.

Instead of fixing these issues at home, Mayor DeBlasio is flying to Germany to join G-20 Summit protests and Governor Cuomo is fixated on President Trump's agenda, fueling 2020 rumors.

Regardless of the excuse, constituents and commuters are looking for answers:

Sometimes, there are even fires:

Sometimes, it derails:

Blackouts are now a common thing on the NYC subway:

People are literally begging to get off...

People are now just getting creative to fix their problems:

As you can tell, it's pretty bad out there. We salute all the brave commuters.