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A common argument from the anti-Trump that is touted at protests, on Twitter, and sometimes on TV is that the president is a racist and xenophobic, therefore he is not fit to lead the country.

But often times when these protesters are actually confronted and asked to present some hard evidence, they are left dumbfounded and rarely have an answer that isn't just parroted from a nearby sign.

Twitter user and activist Austen Fletcher went to an anti-Trump rally and asked protesters to prove the racism they were protesting against.

Things got ... awkward:

Perhaps the most telling was the young woman with an English accent who claimed that she is seeing “racism — constantly!” But when asked where she’s actually seen said racism, she responds: “On television, anywhere really!”

Fletcher then asked: “What has he done that’s racist?”

She dropped the age old: “I don’t know.”

At least Spiderman just crawled away...

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