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On Saturday, President Donald Trump had returned to the U.S.

Trump was fresh off his trip to France, which came upon the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron for the celebration of Bastille Day.

Trump unwound by taking in the U.S. Women's Open in Bedminster, New Jersey.

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Despite a media firestorm over his eldest son's meeting with a Russian lawyer and polls claiming record-low approval ratings, the president was greeted by a pleasant reception at the women's golf tournament.

The president appeared to be relaxed as he chatted with guests behind a glass-enclosed viewing stand, according to Politico. Trump chewed on french fries and observed much of the golf play on a television while “dozens observed his every move.”

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The reception of the golf fans upon the arrival of the president was noted by Politico:

The president seemed to delight in the adoration of the crowd, repeatedly approaching the glass to wave to gawkers outside.

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Guests at the club appeared to be astonished that they were so close to the president, exclaiming “I love you!” and “I voted for you!” One woman was so excited to see the president that she cried.

Trump tweeted out a message from the golf tournament, adding some positive economic news:

He would attend the Women's Open on Sunday as well:

Despite protests, Trump was in good spirits, thanks to some avid fans:

His daughter, Ivanka Trump, would later recognize the winner:

On Friday, the U.S. Golf Association released a statement on Trump’s appearance.

“It is the first time a sitting president has attended the U.S. Women’s Open and is only the third occurrence in our entire championship history,” the statement read.

Golfers at the U.S. Women's Open were delighted that the president was in attendance.

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“It’s cool to have the president of the United States,” golfer Lexi Thompson told Politico in a pool report. “So I was kind of excited about the prospect of, regardless of who it is, that he came here to watch us. He tweeted about coming to the U.S. Women’s Open. Some people didn’t know it was going on. It’s kind of a historic and cool moment to have our president here.”

“Regardless of your political affiliation and whether you are a fan of Trump or you’re not a fan of Trump, having a president at a women’s golf event is pretty remarkable,” golfer Marina Alex said to Politico. “It’s going to draw attention to women’s golf that has maybe never been in our favor before.”

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