Sean Hannity Explodes on Media Over Reports He Will No Longer Receive William F. Buckley Award

| JUL 22, 2017 | 12:43 AM

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity went on a blistering anti-media tirade Friday on Twitter, accusing journalists of peddling “fake news” about him.

The Media Research Center announced that it is no longer awarding Hannity the William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence at its Sept. 21 gala. Both Hannity and MRC President Brent Bozell indicated a scheduling conflict is to blame.

“MRC awarded Hannity the Buckley award. Hannity subsequently told us he couldn’t make it. We chose not to hand out the award this year,” Bozell tweeted.

Hannity took a much more aggressive approach, personally criticizing CNN anchor Jake Tapper and the network.

Hannity also responded to claims in CNN’s report suggesting Buckley’s son was upset about the Fox News personality receiving the award.

“If @NRO ‘Never Trumpers’ or WFB's son were upset about me receiving the award, they never told me. Now I'm really glad I said ‘No thanks,’” Hannity tweeted.

He then argued he doesn’t care about any “BS” awards.

But then things got personal between Hannity and Tapper.

“You are a liberal hack and not a journalist,” Hannity wrote in a tweet.

All the attention certainly should help generate even more interest in Hannity’s big interview with Sean Spicer, his first interview since he resigned as White House press secretary.