One Retired Marine Is Behind Why Investigators Got Dem IT Guy’s ‘Smashed Hard Drives'

| JUL 27, 2017 | 7:17 PM

Andrew Burton /Getty Images

The bizarre tale of former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT aides has taken another turn with the news that the “smashed hard drives” that investigators recovered were handed over by a retired U.S. Marine who saw something hinky going on.

The Daily Caller reports that Schultz’s and the Democratic House members' information technology specialists are under investigation for reported theft of government property, running a possible real estate scam, and then trying to flee the country.

In a new update, The Daily Caller reports that the computer expert, who was arrested at Washington Dulles International Airport while trying to flee the country, left “smashed hard drives” in the garage of a home he rented to the Marine and his wife, a Navy officer.

The DC reports that Imran Awan put his house up for rent after he found out last February that he was under investigation.

The Daily Caller reports that the people who rented the home, the 14-year Marine veteran and his wife, knew something unscrupulous was going on when they found government computers and smashed hard drives in their garage.

Investigators from NCIS, the FBI and Capitol Police reportedly confiscated the “wireless routers, hard drives that look like they tried to destroy, laptops and a lot of expensive toner.”

The retired Marine, who wanted to stay anonymous to protect his wife’s naval career, said that Awan, who threatened him with lawsuits for failing to return the equipment to him, appears to be a very bad actor:

“He’s dangerous. This is a crime syndicate that has successfully infiltrated Congress.

I served in the Marine Corps for 14 years; if I downloaded files to an offsite server, I’m going to prison for a lot of years."

And the veteran, who's an apparent Democrat, according to The DC, said the coverage of this case shows a double standard:

“If Donald Trump and the Republicans had hired foreign nationals to be their top IT guys and somehow their congressional files had been compromised, this would have been all over the news.”

Schultz has been involved in two major IT scandals. Though the Democrats claim that the Republicans worked with Russians to “collude” in a high-tech hijacking of the election for Trump, in fact it was the DNC emails that were splayed all over WikiLeaks.

The leaks, along with the incursion into Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails, revealed that the former DNC chairwoman contrived to win the Democratic nomination for Clinton and against Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

When the FBI asked to look at the DNC computers to determine who leaked the information, Schultz refused.

She has also bitterly fought with investigators in this latest scandal to get back a laptop that her aide, Awan, used and “was found hidden in a vacant office.”

The Daily Caller reports that the congresswoman has invoked the Congressional “speech and debate clause” to keep investigators from digging into the laptop and has promised “consequences” if Capitol Police do.