On Monday, John Chipman, a lobster captain from Birch Harbor, Maine, came across something struggling in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

My honey hard at work catches a halibut on his last day of halibut fishing before the season ends tomorrow.

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Chipman quickly learned that it was a sea creature, and after pulling his blue boat toward the distressed animal, he realized it was an eagle, the Associated Press reports.

The fisherman filmed the eagle as it struggled to find its way out of the water, and he attempted to get close enough to rescue it.

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Realizing this eagle didn't have much more time, and with the help of two retired policemen who were with him, Chipman acted quickly and used a bait box lid — which he turned upside down, thus creating a makeshift life raft for the bird.

My husband and his sternman rescued a one eyed eagle today.

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Thankfully, the eagle was able to perch on top of the box, then Chipman was able to reel it in and get it safely on the boat.

Once aboard, Chipman noticed the bird was very old and only had one eye.

He had plans to deliver the eagle to a game warden once they were back on land. However, once the eagle appeared to regain its strength after being perched on the back of the boat, it flew off, according to the AP.

Later, the rescue crew was able to share the amazing, patriotic moment with the world. Chipman's wife uploaded the videos of what happened to her Instagram page.

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