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Friday marked the 56th birthday of America's 44th president, Barack Obama.

Well-wishers across America took to social media to enthusiastically wish the former president a happy birthday, wistfully muse about him no longer being president, and tick through various lists of his accomplishments, as they saw them.

Oh, and more than a few Obama critics showed up, as well.

The joyful were joyous indeed, including the Twitter account, “Obama Day August 4,” which on Obama's “birthday eve,” urged fans to “save the date!”:

One does wonder how long it will be before the push by the faithful to make Obama's birthday an official national holiday begins, but I digress.

People like “BrooklynDad” not only heaped praise on the former president, but also celebrated his birthday by including huge images of him in their tweets:

Corinna celebrated the day by taking a trip in the way-back machine to grab an image of Obama as a cute young boy missing his front teeth:

Violette declared the former president “the greatest of all time,” and included a clip of his mic-drop during his last White House Correspondents Dinner appearance:

Manish agreed. Obama was her favorite, too:

Finally, Tay'Challa celebrated the day by tweeting one of Obama's quotes:

Again, in addition to tweets of adulation, there were a few folks who took the opportunity to share different thoughts about the former president, as well.

Including “Steve D,” who has a slightly different opinion of the former president:

“#ThePersistence” suggested it's actually a good thing for Republicans to celebrate Obama's birthday, given the number of Democratic seats lost in state legislatures, governors' offices, and the U.S. Congress during his eight years in office:

Collin listed a few of the things about Obama that Americans should be “thankful” for:

While Ben Crystal just couldn't get over the “creepy” “Obama Day August 4” Twitter handle. #ItsNotACult, he added, for good measure:

“Cult,” or not, admirers of former President Barack Obama will celebrate his birthday for years and decades to come. Then again, won't supporters of President Donald Trump do the same on his birthday?

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