Software engineer James Damore was recently fired from the tech giant Google for “perpetuating gender stereotypes” after publishing an internal memo that was highly critical of the company's diversity initiatives.

Damore accused Google of being a “politically correct monoculture” due to its left leaning bias and insisted that men were better suited for the job than women in the memo titled, “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.”

Now, according to The Wall Street Journal, the former engineer plans on taking legal action against Google following his termination:

Mr. Damore said in an email that he “was fired for 'perpetuating gender stereotypes,' but I believe it was politically motivated.” He said he believes he has “a legal right to express my concerns about the terms and conditions of my working environment and to bring up potentially illegal behavior, which is what my document does.”

He has submitted a formal charge to the National Labor Relations Board, according to an email:

Mr. Damore said that prompted him to submit a formal charge to the National Labor Relations Board “about how Google’s upper management is misrepresenting and shaming me in order to silence my complaints.” In reference to his firing, he added, “It’s illegal to retaliate against a NLRB charge. I’m currently exploring all possible legal remedies.”

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Despite firing Damore, Google CEO Sundar Pichai insisted in a Monday email that they support free speech within the company:

“We strongly support the right of Googlers to express themselves, and much of what was in that memo is fair to debate, regardless of whether a vast majority of Googlers disagree with it.”

In the fast-paced and highly competitive world of Silicon Valley, white men in the tech industry are being challenged by the media and users on their own social media creations over diversity in their workplaces.

For now, most of these companies are still dominated by white or Asian men, but more companies are working to change that.

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