Stephen A. Smith Says Cutler Getting QB Spot Over Kaepernick Is 'Epitome of White Privilege'

| AUG 9, 2017 | 8:16 PM
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Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed.

And he continues to be systematically humiliated by each NFL team that shows interest in him.

The Baltimore Ravens officially passed on the controversial QB after an extended drama session.

According to recent Independent Journal Review reporting, the Miami Dolphins were interested in the quarterback but went to great lengths not to sign Kaepernick in the end:

The Miami Dolphins have signed briefly retired former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler to a one-year, $10 million deal after their starting QB, Ryan Tannehill, suffered a likely season-ending knee injury.

Cutler's one-year contract also includes up to $3 million in incentives, reported.

The desperate signing by the Dolphins also means that Colin Kaepernick's chances of mounting a comeback as a QB in the NFL are increasingly long. The Dolphins were reportedly looking at Kaepernick as a possible replacement for Tannehill but clearly ended up deciding against it.

Plus, many Miami fans probably wouldn't have been thrilled with the signing given that Kaepernick also once wore a pro-Fidel Castro T-shirt.

The Ravens and the Dolphins weren't the only teams considering Kaepernick, just to have tthe deal fall through. According to ESPN:

Sources say at least one other NFL team has wanted to add Kaepernick to its roster, but the move was blocked by the team's owner.

Now, without a team for the first time in his NFL career, Kaepernick and his defenders are beginning to sound desperate. ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith went on a tirade against ESPN host Will Cain, defending the embattled Kaep and saying quarterbacks who get jobs over him are benefiting from “white privilege.”


Smith got into a screaming match with Cain, saying, “You make me sick sometimes. Be quiet and listen,” then continued, at the top of his voice, "Juxtaposed to Colin Kaepernick, is Jay Cutler, right now, not the epitome of white privilege? What did he do to deserve this job?”

Cain went on another rant, asking how Smith could make a sweeping assumption like that.

Thanks for the continued, perpetual drama, Kaepernick.

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