What started as a love story for campaigners everywhere is quickly turning into an ugly mess.

Former Trump staffers A.J. Delgado, who served as a transition adviser, and Jason Miller, who was formerly tapped as White House communications director in December, just welcomed a baby boy who was reportedly conceived while on the campaign trail.

A.J. Delgado/Facebook

The only problem? Miller is married and already had children with his wife.

According to reports from New York Daily News, Delgado broke her six-month silence regarding the news of her baby and announced the birth of their son, William, who was born July 10:

Dear friends: Beyond thrilled to share with you that I'm now the proud mother of a beautiful son (!), William!!!

While Delgado appears to be thrilled about welcoming William to the world, things get a little complicated for Miller being that he was married and allegedly had an affair with Delgado out of wedlock, Philly.com notes.

Miller confirmed in a story to Page Six that William was, in fact, his son, and that the two dated for two months on the campaign trail.

However, according to Miller, his wife is understanding of the situation:

“My wife and I, along with our two daughters, are excited to welcome William into the world and into our family, and we appreciate the well wishes we've received from so many.”

Although following the Page Six report, Delgado took to Twitter to correct a few things she found to be untrue in the article.

Delgado stated that Miller said he was separated from his wife during the time of their relationship while adding that it was news to her that the Miller family was excited about welcoming William:

She then went on to say Miller had contributed absolutely nothing since the child's birth:

A point Delgado wanted to make perfectly clear:

Prior to Miller coming forth about being the father, there was speculation that he was the father, as Delgado tweeted this out in January:


Delgado took the tweet down just a day later, but many speculated it was Miller since he was offered the job as Trump’s White House communications director but turned it down because he needed focus on his family:

“It's clear they [his family] need to be my top priority right now, and this is not the time to start a new job as demanding as White House communications director.”

Delgado hinted she would be dishing more on the scandal in the days to come.

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