Sex toys aren't just for sex anymore; now, you can actually fall in love with them.

According to CNET News, “artificially intelligent chatbots” from Abyss Creations are customizable to buyers' visual, intellectual, and emotional tastes. Some have personalities tailored for companionship only, while others can also have sex. The robot company's latest efforts hope to make the silicone dolls seem as realistic as possible.

Harmony, the female robot pictured above, was first designed as a virtual girlfriend on a phone app. As part of Abyss's “RealDolls” program, however, the company plans to integrate the software that allows for both physical and communicative relationships so that men can potentially fall in love with them.

The doll uses the Al engine, which allows you to interact with Harmony using just your voice, CNET reports. She will remember your conversations and use them to form a relationship with you.

Harmony can tell jokes, talk about sports, and ask how you are feeling. She can also change her facial expressions to appear sympathetic to her owner's emotional needs. She will not complain or cry. She will just listen.

Matt McMullen, the founder and CEO of Abyss, says the “RealDoll” has helped many men who feel lonely and are unable to find companionship with human beings.

“Imagine if you were completely lonely and you just wanted someone to talk to, and yes, someone to be intimate with,” says McMullen, a former sculptor. “What is so wrong with that? It doesn't hurt anybody.”

The company is also developing “virtual boyfriends,” although that product has yet to appear on the market. The dolls' prices vary, depending on their effectiveness and features.

The robot company didn't always sell sex dolls. McMullen first created “RealDoll” as a “high-end mannequin.” After discovering parts of his silicone creations could be used to help people with missing body parts, such as breasts lost to a mastectomy, he began sending them to operating rooms. He is now able to sell his creations as full human replacements.

According to CNET, “Harmony” sells at $10,000 with the Al engine. Without the voice recognizing software, she costs just $4,000.

Not bad for a shot at true — albeit synthetic — love.

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