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Kathleen Rice is a former Nassau County District Attorney and the United States representative from New York's 4th district, which includes Long Island.

Her district is currently overrun by members of a transnational gang called La Mara Salvatrucha — better known as MS-13 — that spread to New York via Los Angeles and El Salvador.

In Rice's district alone, 17 murders have been attributed to MS-13 gang members since January of 2016.

And Rice has been attempting to “address” the problem by defending New York's status as a sanctuary city:

But in June and July, when dozens of members of the gang were arrested in connection with five Long Island murders, Rice made no further comment.

Instead, she has spent recent weeks attacking President Trump's stance on North Korea, Republican attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and the NRA.

On Thursday, Rice took aim at the NRA and spokeswoman and syndicated radio host Dana Loesch:

And she doubled down:

But Loesch wasn't going to let it go:

She noted the disparity between Rice's comments toward law-abiding gun owners and her comments regarding the gang that actually poses a legitimate threat to her home district:

“I’m shocked and saddened to see a sitting Democrat lawmaker refer to me and millions of NRA members as ‘domestic enemies’ simply because we support the Second Amendment. MS-13 murdered black and Hispanic teens in her district and she had harsher words for me than she did MS-13. My question for Rep. Price: What are you going to do about us?”

And Loesch wasn't alone:

Law-abiding gun owners and NRA members quickly chimed in:

And oh, boy, did Rice's comments backfire:

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