The Trump supporters who are known as “Diamond and Silk” on social media say YouTube has cut off advertising to their popular videos because they’re suddenly “not suitable for advertisers.”

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson went on a tweet storm after getting word that “95%” of their videos wouldn’t be monetized because the Google-owned video service doesn't like their political views:

The two thought their support of Donald Trump also might have had something to do with it:

They accused YouTube of censoring their messages because they’re conservatives:

They wondered about the timing of the decision:

They accused the service of censoring diverse people and ideas:

The ladies thought if YouTube wouldn’t listen to them, then maybe they’d listen to an attorney:

Even Sarah Palin came to their defense:

And she wasn’t the only one:

YouTuber Mark Dice had a suggestion:

The hilariously outspoken ladies have been featured at Trump campaign rallies and on shows on One America News and Fox News Channel.

Bloomberg reports that in April YouTube announced new ad policies after advertisers found that their ads were "running alongside videos promoting hate, violence and racism.”

That wouldn’t seem to include Diamond and Silk.

YouTube hasn’t commented about demonetizing most of Diamond and Silk’s videos, but, judging by social media, they’re sure hearing about it from Diamond and Silk supporters

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