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For months now, President Donald Trump has been engaged in a war with the mainstream media. He has routinely called out specific outlets by name — such as the New York Times and BuzzFeed — to call them “fake news” or say they are “failing.”

One of the president's favorite targets has been CNN — and in addition to attacking the network as a whole, he has tangled with several personalities individually.

CNN, both as a network and through those individuals, has fought back, saying that although it may be news that the president dislikes, it is not “fake”:

However, one of CNN's latest stories may strain the network's credibility even further.

Its latest article is about a woman named Stacy Ruffin, who drowned in the flood waters of Louisiana in 2016. But according to CNN, the flooding would have been less severe — or even nonexistent — if not for the effects of climate change. And if climate change is to blame for Ruffin's death, then aren't we all at least partly to blame?

Of course, a lot of people don't exactly see it that way:

And more than a few people had a question for CNN:

The world may never know.

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