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When President Donald Trump ran for office, he vowed to do a lot of things if he won the White House.

Among his campaign promises was to get a better nuclear deal with Iran than what the Obama administration negotiated.

So far, there hasn't been much progress in that area. But as news about North Korea swept the headlines, Trump called out Iran:

"I don't think they're living up to the spirit of the agreement. President Obama in his wisdom gave them $150 billion. He gave them $1.8 billion in cash. That's a hard one to figure. But that was his decision.

I think it's a horrible agreement. But they are not in compliance with the agreement and they certainly are not in the spirit of the agreement in compliance, and I think you'll see some very strong things taking place if they don't get themselves in compliance."

While Trump hasn't held any major briefing on Iran or the deal, what Iran's foreign minister, Javad Zarif, tweeted Friday indicates that Trump could be going after the western Asian nation.

Zarif tweeted:

After the nuclear deal was agreed to during the Obama administration, it was compared to the one Bill Clinton made with North Korea. As public knowledge reveals, that deal was never honored, and North Korea continued to pursue its nuclear weapons project in secret.

With Zarif's statement, perhaps Trump sees the “writing on the wall” and wants to avoid a situation in which the U.S. gets caught off guard and Iran suddenly turns into a nuclear weapons power.

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