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Alex Jones has once again found a way to say something outrageous.

During a time of racial tension that we haven't seen in decades, Jones claimed white people should be paid reparations for being killed in the “tens of thousands” every year.

According to Media Matters, the conservative conspiracy theorist also pushed for travel advisories for white people going to cities with high populations of black Americans.

Take a look (emphasis added):

"It doesn’t matter that most of the basketball players you see who happen to be black have the same haircut, or David Beckham, or anybody else. It doesn’t matter. You need to find that racism. In the eclipse. In a guy’s short haircut. In whatever it is. You’ve got to find it. It’s got to be there. So that’s why I’ve issued a travel advisory for the United States for white folks going to places like Denver, Detroit. Places like Chicago, places like Seattle, because I’ve been to these towns and I’ve experienced it.


There needs to be reparations for white people the last 20, 30 years, getting attacked and killed by the tens of thousands every year. Seriously, if you want to play this whole game, and I’m not actually asking for that. There needs to be real travel advisories. They used to have in the 60s, some places like Selma, Alabama, The New York Times would put travel advisories out for black folks. Well, you know what? They needed a travel advisory. That’s true."

He continued, adding that groups like the “New Black Panther Party” are actively out there hunting down and attacking white people:

“But we need real travel advisories now, that white folks need to understand that there is the promotion and the pushing of you being mugged, you being killed by the New Black Panther Party and everybody else. They’re saying, 'Go out and kill a white person. Go out and mug a white person. Go out and commit crime in their neighborhoods, because they deserve it.'”

Jones recently did a live show from the streets of Seattle, and it went “about how you think it would,” according to Salon. People weren't entirely receptive to his schtick:

Anyway, you can watch his segment in the video below.

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