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For gun owners and weapon collectors, Texas is like Disney World. Relaxed gun laws, plenty of space to shoot, and a culture that is much friendlier than say, Massachusetts, for fun times at the range.

Now, starting Sept. 1, Texans will get to open carry swords, and there is one attorney that is very, very excited about it.

His name is Bryan Wilson, and he calls himself the “Texas Law Hawk,” and he's been well known for his gung-ho, kick-ass, and downright patriotic commercials:

According to Wilson, swords can help you with everyday life, such as riding your motorcycle:


Or perhaps going “sword fishing”:


All jokes aside, dust off that katana and sharpen your claymore because on Sept. 1, you can take those bad boys for a walk.

Except on school grounds and other marked areas. Don't do that. Seriously. Don't bring a sword to a school, or you'll have to call the Law Hawk to bail you out of jail.

God bless America.

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