Screenshot Hurricane rainfall

Screenshot/National Weather Service

The flooding in Texas is no joke. It is living up to the worst of all meteorologists' fears.

Winds from Hurricane Harvey ripped through homes and businesses, but it is turning out to be the water left behind that is most deadly.

This map shows how flooding has exceeded historical levels over an enormous portion of Texas. It is quite literally off the charts. The stories from the people affected are just beginning to surface, and they are harrowing.

The main river in Houston is a foot above average level already, and rising fast:

Major highways are underwater, only navigable by boat.

Thousands of rescues are occurring, too many to keep track of: 

Nursing homes flooded and evacuated:

Hospitals being shut down:

Helpless children being carried to safety in wheelchairs:

Children saved from homes:

People are catching giant fish in their living rooms:

It's not just professional rescue crews, regular Texans are risking their lives to help their strangers:

Listen to this man:

What's more, this storm is getting much, much worse: 

Please heed this dark warning by the National Weather Service:

And pray hard for Texas.

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