Five Police Officers Killed During Anti-Police Brutality March In Dallas

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Over the past few days, the country has watched as Texas suffers through extensive damage from Hurricane Harvey and the aftermath of extreme flooding. There have been stories of loss and heartbreak, but there have also been heartwarming moments that show true compassion from ordinary folks.

As Texans struggle to pick up the pieces, the Trump administration and the federal government have been working hand-in-hand with state officials to help in any way they can.

Recently, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott gave a press briefing to address some of the issues facing Texas going forward, but he also took a minute to praise the administration's efforts, even giving it a letter grade:

"The state of Texas has been dealing with the federal government for about seven to 10 days, at least, before the hurricane hit. [...]

I've spoken with the president on multiple occasions, with his Cabinet members ranging from the secretary of health and human services [Tom Price], homeland security [Elaine Duke], transportation, energy, I'm leaving some out ... also the FEMA administrator [Brock Long], and I would have to grade the federal government's response as an A+."

He continued:

“This is, if not the largest, it has to be categorized as one of the largest disasters America has ever faced. And to see the swift response from the federal government is pretty much unparalleled.”

Abbott added that the federal government needs to continue to help at the highest level going forward in order for a swift recovery.

President Donald Trump is expected to travel to Texas to assess the damage on the ground and work with state and local officials for a plan moving forward.

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