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Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie did not hold back his words on “Fox & Friends” this morning when discussing disaster relief for the victims of tropical storm Harvey in Texas.

He had some really tough words for Texas lawmakers that voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief package back in 2012 and are now asking for aid. He says that politics were put before people, leaving the victims of Sandy without federal aid for months.

At the time, Christie called the delay “disappointing and disgusting to watch”:

Now he's warning lawmakers not to make the same mistake again. Christie told the hosts of “Fox & Friends” that this was no time to play politics. People need help, and the government must respond quickly:

"What they can learn is don’t wait 66 days to deliver aid to people who are suffering and dying. Don’t play politics with this, don’t connect it to anything else.

Do not do it, because what will happen is politics will infect this. And you look at what you saw on the screen this morning? There is nothing Republican or Democrat about the water that is in that Port Arthur recovery center."

According to Mediaite, two Texas senators, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, requested aid for Texas but voted against the 2012 package for Sandy victims. At the time, Cruz accused the bill of being filled with “unrelated pork,” a claim that The Washington Post took to task.

Today, Christie blasted Cruz's accusations:

“Senator Cruz’s accusation that two thirds of the Sandy bill was pork is absolutely ridiculous."

But regardless of the past, Christie urged lawmakers to throw politics aside and help the people of Texas:

"The fact of the matter is there is not a liberal or conservative way to deal with people who are drowning and dying. We need to get aid to them. That’s what the federal government is there for.

I’m urging the members of Congress of New Jersey: don’t hold a grudge. Let’s go forward, let’s vote yes."

Watch Christie's argument in the video below.

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