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The media and Twitter went nuts Tuesday after First Lady Melania Trump was spotted sporting some serious heels on her way to the presidential visit to Texas in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey.

After all, how effective could one be in stiletto pumps in a flood zone? Oh wait, she changed out of them and into some sneakers on the plane.

That didn't stop the hysteria over Melania's choice:

Interestingly enough, one of Trump's biggest critics, “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, came to the first lady's defense. While initially talking about North Korea's most recent missile launch, Noah noted that no one was talking about it because they were too focused on the heels:

"Melania Trump apparently did something much worse … she went to Houston wearing high heels.

I don’t know why anyone should care what anyone wears when they’re on their way to help people ... Like who cares?"

He continued, not skipping a moment like this to make at least one joke:

“I know some people are like, 'Trevor, it’s not about that. It’s about sensitivity. You don’t wear things like that to a disaster zone.' I understand that, but in Melania’s defense, she lives in a permanent disaster zone and that’s what she always wears.”

In the end, he tells the audience to “cut her some slack.”

Watch the clip below to see his reaction.

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