It's no secret the Democratic Party has been struggling to stop Republican gains over the past few years. They've lost the presidency, its congressional majority, and there are now more Republican governors than Democrats countrywide.

So Joe Scarborough asked the question this morning: “What has happened to this party?”

Jon Meacham quickly responded: “Right now, they're on Martha's Vineyard,” which caused a few chuckles.

This morning's panel, as well as Mika Brzezinski, struggled to come up with a real answer to the Democrats' major problems. One thing was clear, they don't have a “unifying message” and screaming about President Donald Trump isn't winning them any battles.


Charlie Sykes also took the opportunity to mock Hillary Clinton:

“Well, the good news is that Hillary Clinton is finally coming to Wisconsin on her book tour. But at least she found Wisconsin, at least she was able to find the upper Midwest.”

The panel was at a loss for words many times while trying to explain the Democrats' strategy during the broadcast.

Take a look at the video below.

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