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While former Vice President Al Gore's new book, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” is severely lacking in sales, an e-book challenging all of his claims in that book is outselling him.

That's right, climatologist Roy Spencer released an e-book, “An Inconvenient Deception,” ripping apart both Al Gore's movie and book and has hit the top of the charts in sales. The book tells its readers “how Al Gore distorts climate science and energy policy.”

According to Sales Rank Express, Al Gore's book is ranked #32,707 in Kindle sales, while Spencer's rebuttal book is ranked #134 at the time of this article's publication.

According to Spencer, “the movie is bursting with bad science, bad policy, and some outright falsehoods.”

If you go to Amazon and begin typing Al Gore's book title, Spencer's rebuttal comes up as the first result:


And it gets even better. Spencer's book is rated the #1 best seller in the climatology category.


Spencer told The Daily Caller:

“There are three big weaknesses in Gore’s new movie: science, economics, and energy policy.”

Ironically the three biggest weaknesses are what the entire movie is based on.

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