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Shane Johnson/Star Tribune

A high school in Minnesota banned all flags from flying on the back of vehicles in response to some students flying Confederate flags on their vehicles last semester. What the high school didn't expect was for students to band together in one massive patriotic protest.

According to the Star Tribune, students were stunned returning to school to find they could no longer fly any flags.

Administrators at Rocori High School, which serves students from Rockville, Cold Spring, and Richmond, initiated the ban at the start of this school year after students last spring flew the Confederate flag on vehicles parked at the school. School officials said the flags were offensive and caused concern among other students.

In response, senior Cole Staneart organized a protest that filled the high school parking lot full of trucks flying patriotic flags and symbols. When the administrators who made the flag-banning rule arrived at the school, here is what their parking lot looked like:

Shane Johnson/Star Tribune

The protest caused the school to have change of heart. The administrators rescinded the flag ban and will deal with offensive symbols flown from the back of vehicles on a case-by-case basis from now on.

That arrangement is just fine for Cole, who was just trying to respect his country and the military. The Star Tribune reported after interviewing the high school senior:

Rocori senior Cole Staneart, who organized the protest over the ban that would have kept him from flying the American flag from his truck to honor those who serve in the military, said he understands the concerns over the Confederate flag and will help school officials keep it off the campus.

“If I see students [flying] a Confederate flag, I'll ask them to take it down,” he said. “It's not appropriate.”

Seems some stories do have a happy ending.

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