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Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence believes Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are Mother Nature's punishment of America for the election of President Donald Trump.

During an interview on British television, ostensibly to promote her new movie “Mother!”, Lawrence weighed in on the “settled science” of climate change, for which she blamed the deadly hurricanes.

The British reporter noted the director of “Mother!” said the film is “dark,” because “it's a mad time to be alive.” She added, “There's certainly sort of end of days feeling about it” before asking Lawrence:

“There are many people in America who would say perhaps it's [more] true there at the moment than anywhere else. What are the thoughts about the changes that have happened in your own country over the last year or so?”

Lawrence was more than willing to provide the desired response:

“You know, it’s this new language that’s forming. I don’t even recognize it. It’s also scary to know that climate change is due to human activity, and we continue to ignore it, and the only voice that we really have is through voting.”

After being further teed up by the reporter with “And you have voted very recently, as a country,” she was ready to blame Trump's election for ”Mother Nature's wrath":

“And we voted, and it was really startling. You know, you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard, especially while promoting this movie, not to, not to feel Mother Nature’s rage, or wrath.”

Lawrence said it's all “really polarizing and upsetting,” adding: "I’ve heard things and seen things on TV in my own country that devastate me and make me sick, and it’s just really confusing.”

While she said she has to “feel hope” for America's future, Lawrence referenced a comment by a producer about the film, which he called “an impotent howl of rage.” “It's a helpless howl to the moon,” she added. “It's an assault.”

As noted by Entertainment Weekly, Lawrence said prior to the 2016 presidential election a Trump victory would be “the end of the world.”

Perhaps she believes Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are the beginning of that end.

You can watch the clip below.

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