Bill Nye Hosts National Park Foundation 'View-A-Thon' At Mashable

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There is a great deal of climate blame going on in the wake of Hurricane Irma's impending landfall in Florida. Many on the left are blaming conservatives and declaring that the massive storms that are hitting the country are caused by man-made global warming:

One of those in the blame-game mix is fake scientist Bill Nye.

Nye, an outspoken climate change advocate, has been on a warpath against the Trump administration on issues of climate since the 2016 election. Nye has used his new Netflix show to propagate modern progressive political correctness and social justice, even to the extent of editing reruns of one original science episode that described the politically incorrect science of chromosomes and two genders, the Daily Mail reported.

In the wake of recent hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, impacting the United States, fake scientist Nye joined journalist Dan Rather, who is famous for publishing fake news, to spread more fake information about where hurricanes come from. In the episode, Nye tells Rather that the bigger storms are caused by global warming, which provides “more heat energy in the atmosphere,” which, in turn, “strengthens the storms, as you'd expect.”

In the segment, Rather confers with Nye, agreeingly.

The major problem is that there are real scientists out there that actually study the facts about hurricanes. Meteorologist and PhD, Ryan Maue, has become indispensable on Twitter for his updates about the hurricane systems.

Maue took Nye to the woodshed for confusing the most basic elements of what causes the storm — particularly, Nye confusing the ocean with the atmosphere:

Nye is not the only commenter on the left whom Maue has targeted:

Real science, it hurts.

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