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Hurricane Irma is nothing to sneeze at. The storm, which has ravaged island after island in the Caribbean, is now bearing down on Florida, where thousands of people have escaped to safer ground.

But for those who aren't convinced that man is not in control of the weather, just take a look at CNN reporter Patrick Oppmann, who is in Cuba covering the storm. Watch out!

Independent Journal Review, Screenshot/CNN

Oppmann was clunked in the head by a flying object while explaining that people should get out of the path of the storm. He yelled “No!” while holding his head where he'd been struck.

Things were getting serious when he told the CNN anchor the winds were picking up and “almost knocked us off our feet.”

Oppmann received a nasty surprise when he was trying to get ready for one of his live shots:

Independent Journal Review, Screenshot/CNN

According to AccuWeather, 5.6 million people have been ordered to evacuate — the largest evacuation in U.S. history.

The media, however, remain to tell the story.

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