Condominium Assoc. To Begin DNA Testing On Dog Excrement To ID Owners Who Don't Clean Up

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

While Hurricane Irma prepares to barrel down on Florida, there are incredibly disturbing reports of what some pet owners have done with their dogs.

According to WPTV:

And these aren't pets who are just being left inside, [Palm Beach County] Director of Animal Care Diane Suave said.

“They are left in a yard, in a pen they cannot escape from or tethered to trees or poles,” she said.

Palm Beach County Animal Care reports animal control officers have rescued 49 dogs and two cats in the last 48 hours.

Hurricane Irma is a powerful hurricane with winds of up to 125 mph at this time. According to Suave, Irma is strong enough to pull things from the yard and hurl them as projectiles.

If being a dog caught up in Irma wasn't bad enough, Suave says that a projectile could quite literally “fillet” the skin off of an abandoned animal.

It is against the law in Palm Beach County to leave your dog chained up or tethered at any time, unless you are physically present.

“When you are doing this in the face of a devastating storm, this is absolutely felony animal cruelty. It's deliberate. It's intentional. And we will prosecute people for this,” Suave said.

You can watch Suave's full comments in the video below.

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