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With Hurricane Irma having officially hit parts of Florida, people all over the state have either evacuated or hunkered down in preparation for what's to come.

That said, while most do their best to stay as far away from Irma as possible, networks have sent reporters into the eye of the storm so they can give viewers firsthand updates.

And as a result, they're finding themselves in some pretty dangerous situations, as you can see below:

Just take a look at this reporter who is telling people not to go outside, while he's outside:

Or journalist Miguel Almaguer, who literally harnessed himself to a building so he could report the news without blowing away:

While Almaguer's contraption was pretty ingenious, many argued there must be a safer way to report the news:

Others began highly criticizing the networks for putting their staffs in harm's way as if reporters are immortal to these storms:

Reporter or not, everyone needs to do their best to stay as safe as possible during the storm.

The Independent Journal Review will keep you updated on Irma.

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