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Following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the Chicago Cubs' Sammy Sosa ran onto the outfield waving a flag in support of his country before the team's first home game after 9/11, on September 27, 2001. Just moments later, Sosa hit a home run, whipped out the flag yet again, and ran the bases.


In a later interview, Sosa said:

“It was an emotional moment. I wanted to do something, I wanted to pay tribute to the people hurt in 9/11. That's how I could show respect.”

This patriotic moment in sports is refreshing as many have done completely opposite by sitting during the national anthem in protest.

Although the flag was small enough to fit in his pocket, it sent a massive statement that America was alive and well and was not ready to let terrorists weaken it.

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