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Jimmy Kimmel, like all of us, has been astonished by the nonstop hurricane coverage for the last few weeks. Reporter after reporter has been sent to give America live coverage in the howling winds and slashing rain of these devastating tropical storms.

On Monday, Jimmy Kimmel echoed the thoughts of many Americans with his monologue on the issue of reporters being sent to report live on hurricanes.

“Every time you turned on the TV, you saw a reporter getting hosed by rain,” Kimmel said. “People were worried, all of a sudden people start caring about weathermen. Usually, we treat them like traffic cones. A lot of them are orange,” he joked.

“It’s kind of like — we don’t pay much attention to them anymore because we get the weather on our phones,” he continued. “It’s already in our pants.”

“So as a result, weather is unnecessary on television now,” he clarified. "You might as well be announcing what time it is. You might as well put a clock on the wall and say it’s 8:14 and we’re looking at a chance of 8:30. But this is why weather people are all good-looking now. They have no information to give us anymore.

“But then the hurricane comes and the news channels send them into it, and it’s like, be careful with my weather guy. He could get killed out there. It's important to recognize that these brave men and women risk everything for no good reason at all.”

It's a comedic take, but it does tap into the concern people have over these weather reporters. One CNN reporter is representative of what this live coverage can look like:

CNN/Independent Journal Review

While these reporters are indisputably doing America a service, it might be time to bring some of them indoors.

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