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On the anniversary of 9/11, Americans were remembering one of the deadliest attacks in the nation's history. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was still grieving over her election loss to now-President Donald Trump.

On a Monday evening broadcast, Fox News host Gregg Jarrett counted as many as 26 people and things Clinton has blamed for her election defeat. In an interview conducted and published by USA Today on 9/11, Clinton went further than ever before by insisting that Trump and the Russians conspired against her to ensure her defeat:

“There certainly was communication and there certainly was an understanding of some sort. Because there's no doubt in my mind that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin wanted me to lose and wanted Trump to win. And there's no doubt in my mind that there are a tangle of financial relationships between Trump and his operation with Russian money. And there's no doubt in my mind that the Trump campaign and other associates have worked really hard to hide their connections with Russians.”

Despite this lack of doubt, there is no hard evidence of a quid pro quo relationship between Vladimir Putin and Trump. Yet Clinton's latest insistence on the Russian web propels the conspiracy theory back into the news at a time when it's beginning to lose steam after months of relentless speculation in the media.

When asked by USA Today if she believes there was “collusion” by Trump associates, Clinton doubled down on her accusations.

“I'm convinced of it,” she said. “I happen to believe in the rule of law and believe in evidence, so I'm not going to go off and make all kinds of outrageous claims. But if you look at what we've learned since (the election), it's pretty troubling.”

It appears that Hillary Clinton is intent on insisting the Russians and Trump conspired to rig the election against her for the entire four years of the Trump presidency. The mainstream media also seems to be content to air these unsubstantiated claims, without pushback, for the duration.

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