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The founder and leader of the Islam Net organization, Fahad Qureshi, was waiting in the VGTV studio when Norway's minister of migration and integration, Sylvi Listhaug, entered and went to shake hands with him.

This is where things went south. As Listhaug extended her hand, Qureshi handed her flowers and then proceeded to hold his hand against his chest as Listhaug continued to hold her hand out to shake his hand.


RT reports:

The leader of the Norwegian Progress Party is not the first woman to receive special treatment by the Sunni Muslim man. Having hundreds of members, his organization has been known for its public meetings, at which the audience is separated by gender.

The Islam Net leader has also previously expressed his support for execution of homosexuals and those who commit adultery, claiming it's a proper punishment for both and should be carried out everywhere.

Islam Net has local chapters targeting students in five cities and had 1,400 paying members in 2011.

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