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Screenshot/Fox News

Fox News host Gregg Jarrett has been keeping a running tally of the people and events former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been blaming for her election defeat to Donald Trump.

“I keep a running tally,” Jarrett said. “It is now up to 26 people and events and conditions she has blamed.”

The Fox News host offered his own explanation for the over two dozen alternative explanations for her election loss.

“Psychiatrists have a term for what she does,” he continued. “It is called projection. It is when you are utterly incapable of accepting personal responsibility. You blame others because you view yourself as a chronic victim, very much like Richard Nixon when he famously said in his second Watergate speech, 'I accept responsibility and not the blame.'”

He then compared Clinton to Nixon.

“Like Nixon, all the scandals that are synonymous with the name Hillary are self-created,” he said. “Nobody forced her to set up a private email server, nobody forced her to pocket $225,000 from Goldman Sachs. Nobody forced her to use her foundation like a personal piggy bank that smacks of influence peddling and self-dealing. She did it all on her own, but she's utterly incapable of the courage of honest self-reflection.”

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